Wednesday, January 16, 2013


How many people out there enjoy reading? 
I sure do. 
I love to escape into another world, 
that is much different 
from the one that I am living in. 

A little while ago I read a book, 
that I absolutely loved. 
It is called "The Book Thief"by Markus Zusak.

It is set at the time right before, and during WWII
in Nazi Germany. 
It is about a little girl who is sent to live 
with foster parents,
who manages to escape death
three times. 
The foster family is German, but is the
type of German family that 
only does what they have 
to do to follow the Nazi ways. 
They don't believe in the 
Germans being the 
"one true, and pure race."
They help the Jews, and those who are 
hiding from the police. 

One thing that I found extremely interesting was
that it was told from the point of view of Death 
(ya know, the Grim Reaper)
Some of the passages in this book 
were amazingly beautiful and 
extremely disturbing at the same time. 
The way the author described 
the sky during 
different parts of the story was
simply amazing. 

Read this book! 
You won't regret it!
I know you won't

Have you read a book that you are 
sure to remember for a long time to come? 
What is it? 
Please share! 
I'm in need of another amazing story!

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