Sunday, August 26, 2012


summer has done a number on me this year. 
i feel like there are just not enough hours 
in the day to accomplish everything that i want to get done. 

i have way to many projects that i want to do, 
and dinners that i want to try. 
and activities with the family that i want to do. 

dang you pinterest!!!
i love pinterest, 
but i blame all this wanting on it!
my husband tells me 
quite frequently, 
that i need a "pintervention."

which gave me kind of a good idea. 
since pinterest is the "in" thing at the moment 
that everyone 
wastes all their time on. 
i thought it would be fun 
to do a little 
on my blog
about pinterest ideas 
and if they work, 
or are worth you time. 

if you have something 
that you want me to 
or something you've been wanting to try
 and i'd love to be the guinea pig.
it can be anything from:
cleaning tips, 
desserts (my husband would love that)
or anything you can throw at me. 

And while your at it, 
link up to my pinterest page and see all the projects 
i've got lined up for myself!

I have done some of these already, 
including a beautiful scarf i just finished last night!
so i will post my thoughts soon!