Thursday, May 31, 2012

What do I miss most about school...

That is an easy one. 
These girls right here. I have 7 of the most beautiful best friends a girl could ever ask for. 
Not only are they beautiful from the outside,
if you had the chance to meet them 
you'd agree they are more amazing on the inside. 

We were all Cheerleaders together. Here is just a few of us in our WAY younger days. Back in Junior High. Man, time goes by too fast. 

Then a few years later, Senior year of High School. 

It's not that I don't get to see these girls still. For the most part we have been lucky and only 1 has moved away, and it's still in the same state, just a few hours drive. 
But we make it a point to see each other on a semi regular basis. 
And we still make sure to do crazy things while we are together. 

Like try to set a timer on a camera, and can't quite get the hang of it so one of us turns into a "ghost."

Or jump off random steps, making sure to pull funny faces in the process. 

I just want those "sisters" of mine to know how much I am truly grateful to have them in my life. 
I don't know, to this day where I would be without them.
Or what kind of choices during those "wonderful" teenage years I would have made without them there guiding me along the right path.

Sure, we had our rough patches. 
Especially during Cheerleading practices while we were forced to choreograph a halftime routine in just two days. 

Or after Camp when we were so dead tired from staying up super late partying, 
 and working our butts off during the day,
 and then having an excruciating practice the evening we got home. 
When we all left in tears because we were just so dang tired. 
Then after the practice, walking out to my car only to find melted gummy bears all over the front seat. 
Who knew that gummy bears melted in the sun? 
Well THEY DO! And they are a pain in the butt to clean up!
That only increased the tears on my part!

But I miss those days. 
I miss seeing their beautiful faces at 6 am for early morning practice... every single day.
(As beautiful as a face can be at 6am, mine not so much!)
Looking back, it was all worth it.
And I am so glad to call those girls my friends!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Golden Girl

My Mother is one of the most amazing people I know.
She is so creative, and can pretty much manage to do anything that she puts her mind to. 
One of her best friends agrees with me as well. 
Whenever she needs something done, or made
she immediately calls my mom, even if it is pretty outrageous. 
Which it normally is!

One day my mom was getting crafty and decided to make an outfit for Miss Gwen. 
She put it all together, and I was thrilled to get it on my cute girl. 

Drumroll please....

Isn't it so sweet!
A darling sequined head squeezer with a huge flower. 
Tutu and matching onesie. 

Better view of the tutu. 
She also had matching shoes but she wouldn't keep them on long enough for a picture.

My husband, of course likes to poke fun at everything I do or say 
so he said that the tulle on her shirt made her look like she had a beard. 
He's mean, but I love him.  

At this point she had just about had it with pictures, but here is a good view of the headband. 

Now I think that I need to hit up my mom about making me a matching outfit. 
Wouldn't we look just great? 
Two girls in gold from head to toe!

Just kidding, I wouldn't do that
I couldn't pull it off the way she does. 
But I think that Miss Gwen looks pretty dang snazzy in it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Day to Remember

I love Memorial Day. 
Some find it as just another day off work. 
Or a day to go on vacation, or camping. 
Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the paid time off work, and the extra time spent with my sweet family. 
But there is more to it. 

Memorial day is a day to remember those who have passed on. 
Especially those whom we love, and care about. 
I am glad that there is a day to celebrate the life of my ancestors.

I also think it is just one more great reminder to pay tribute to those brave men and women, 
both past and present
 who risk their lives each  day for the sake of Freedom.

I, along with many many others, am thankful for your sacrifice!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I have a nook,
I LOVE my nook!
I love that I literally have about a million and a half books at my fingertips.
That I can just switch from one book to whatever my heart desires.

But there is just something about a good old fashioned paperback book,
and a nice bubble bath with a huge bubbly soda
on a chilly rainy night like tonight.

That is what is on my agenda for the evening.

P.S. I've read the Hunger Games, and seen the movie.
I just felt like I needed a little bit more Peeta in my life, so one to the second reading!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Friendly Little Monster

My 3 year old boy Nixon is extremely friendly. 
He loves meeting new people and making new friends. 

We were at the ball park watching my nephew play baseball the other day. 
Nixon and my niece were off playing at the playground, where he took his shoes and socks off at. 
They came wandering back to get a treat from the concession stand just as the game was getting over. 
I sent Nixon back to the playground to get his shoes so we could leave. 
He was taking a really long time coming back so I went looking for him. 

To my horror, 
I found him, sitting on some random stranger's lap. 
I tried to keep from freaking out as I took him off of her lap. 
I really wanted to yell at her for letting him sit on her lap. 
Yeah, I know he is pretty dang cute, 
But what kind of a person lets some random kid sit on their lap? 

Needless to say, we have since had a "talk" about strangers and approaching them when Mom isn't around. 

Oh this kid is going to be the death of me!

What have your children done that completely mortified you? 

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