Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Golden Girl

My Mother is one of the most amazing people I know.
She is so creative, and can pretty much manage to do anything that she puts her mind to. 
One of her best friends agrees with me as well. 
Whenever she needs something done, or made
she immediately calls my mom, even if it is pretty outrageous. 
Which it normally is!

One day my mom was getting crafty and decided to make an outfit for Miss Gwen. 
She put it all together, and I was thrilled to get it on my cute girl. 

Drumroll please....

Isn't it so sweet!
A darling sequined head squeezer with a huge flower. 
Tutu and matching onesie. 

Better view of the tutu. 
She also had matching shoes but she wouldn't keep them on long enough for a picture.

My husband, of course likes to poke fun at everything I do or say 
so he said that the tulle on her shirt made her look like she had a beard. 
He's mean, but I love him.  

At this point she had just about had it with pictures, but here is a good view of the headband. 

Now I think that I need to hit up my mom about making me a matching outfit. 
Wouldn't we look just great? 
Two girls in gold from head to toe!

Just kidding, I wouldn't do that
I couldn't pull it off the way she does. 
But I think that Miss Gwen looks pretty dang snazzy in it!

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