Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why is it?

Why is it
 that a child's first word is always 

Don't get me wrong
I chose my husband for many reasons
one of them being the fact that I knew he would make 
an amazing father. 
He has always had this thing with kids,
they love him and he loves them right back. 
And we aren't in the mindset that a woman has responsibilites
such as cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids 
while the husband is the "breadwinner."

Because I work
part time. 
But I also do all the other things too. 

My hubbs works 
Alot more than I do, 
Usually 60+ hours a week. 
Sometimes there are days when we don't get to see him at all, 
because he leaves for work
before we wake up in the morning
and if it's a night he works his second job, 
then he gets home long before the kids go to sleep. 

But why is it that my babes first word is Da-da
I feed her, and bathe her.
I wake up with her in the night,
which lately has been for hours at a time!

It must be because they know what kind of a man they 
get to have as a daddy!
They know that he is so special,
 and works so hard for us. 
And they must know how much he misses them 
while he is gone working. 

And if this doesn't make your heart melt, 
then I don't know what does. 

I guess that it is a good thing, 
that "da-da" is the first word that comes out of those sweet mouths. 
He deserves it!

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