Friday, June 8, 2012

Park Mommies

In case you missed it, 
I am famous. 
Ok not really... 
But check me out here, along with a few of my friends. 

One of my friends asked us to be a "model" for a segment on Studio 5. 
We agreed, but almost regretted it! 
The trainer that had us do the workouts was awesome. 
She really knows her stuff and sure got our hearts pumping. 
I loved the idea that they had for this
"working out at the park while your kids play" 
How often do you go to the park and just sit on the bench in the shade reading a book
while the kids play? 
I am guilty and I'll be the first to admit that. 
Check out these awesome tips, 
and hopefully there aren't too many more 
"Park Mommies" 
sitting on benches anymore!

Do you have any other great workout tips? 
Or tips to help get loose weight? 
Or even just get more healthy in general? 

Please Share if you do!


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