Monday, July 16, 2012

the party

on the morning of my kids (and hubby's) birthdays
i always like them to be surprised 
waking up to lots of crepe paper and balloons. 
i spend hours the night before trying to get things all ready
so their day will be exciting right from the 
get go. 

here are a few pictures from this years
birthday morning. 

walking in to see balloons and paper everywhere. 
this is his "i'm still mostly asleep face."

some crepe paper decorations i made, they were super fun 
and i love how different it looks then the normal. 

and a "happy birthday" sign on the mantle.
there were also balloons all over, and more crepe paper, 
i'm not the best photographer in the world!

we had such a fun time celebrating my little man!

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